Automatic Pool Safety Covers - video example...

* Provides peace of mind by offering the maximum level of safety for children and animals at all times
* Key operation prevents unauthorised use of your pool
* Reduces heat lost by evaporation - resulting in savings in heating costs of over 50% !
* Water treatment costs are substantially reduced
* Minimum pool maintenance time - your pool use kept clean and ready to use
* Eliminates the need for unsightly rollers and winter covers
* Choice of styles - above ground roller box, in ground roller chamber, timber or paved lid.
* All covers are individually designed to suit each specific pool
* Wide range of colour covers to complement your pool environment
* Hydraulically operated so no electricity is used near the pool

Automatic Pool Safety Cover Energy Saving
Automatic Pool Safety Cover Energy Saving


2013-07-11 16.19.36
Black oak lid on safety cover chamber
Polymer box and above deck track
Leading bar on concrete tiled pool
Hotel pool with grey cover and deck tracks
Grey cover within underground chamber with stone lid
Grey cover with oak lid for chamber
Blue safety cover with rain water pump