The interior decorative finish of the pool is normally achieved by the fixing of mosaic glass or ceramic mesh backed tiles to allow unusual angles and radii to be tiled with a minimum of cuts. Using specialist adhesives and grout enables the pool to be effectively waterproofed.

The ever expanding range of both glass and ceramic pool tiles from all over the world offer pool owners the opportunity of creating an almost unique finish to their pool.

There is a wide range of pool coping available in a wide variety of natural and man made materials and in a range of profiles and widths.

The coping is fixed on the top of the pool wall using a sand and cement mortar bed to provide a firm and durable installation.

An increasingly popular alternative to stone coping is to run the surround paving over the face of the pool which provides a clean, sharp line of delineation between the pool water and the pool surround.

Again the there is a huge range of different paving materials available - sandstone, slate, granite, Travertine; all of which can be used effectively as pool surrounds.

Consideration should always be given to the slip characteristics of any stone when wet

Column tiled with ceramic mosaic tiles to match pool
Coat of Arms replicated in tiles from an image over the client’s front door
Sandstone surround with no coping on a tiled pool
Granite surround on liner pool installation
Contrasting grey edge tile with white porcelain tile