50 year old pool refurbishment with on site lining – Ascot



10m x 4m constant depth 1.2m 50 year-old pool concrete pool which had broken it’s back.


  • Drained pool and made good old shell
  • Removed tiles from Roman end entry steps
  • Cut grove with disc cutter into top of pool wall to accept PVC coated profile
  • Installed underlay to pool walls and floor
  • Installed an in situ liner using Alkorplan material
  • .5mm thick reinforced with a polyester mesh having a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years
  • This type of lining enables pools to be run at temperatures of up to 33 degrees C
  • Material is delivered in roll width of 1.5 metres nd is then cut on site to meet the profile of the pool
  • Anti slip treads were installed in the walk in steps
  • The material is overlapped by 50mm and welded using a hot air gun.
  • All welds are scribe tested and then sealed with liquid PVC mastic
  • Generally this material is used for the renovation of old commercial and school pools but because of the poor condition of the old shell and the fact that the pool was operated at a high temperature it was ideally suited to this project