Smith project - replacement bagliner

Factory pool liner replacement – Winkfield, Berkshire

Renovation of old liner pool and surround

  • Refurbish old 15′ x 30′ bag liner pool
  • Remove old paving
  • Supply and lay new Indian sandstone pool surround
  • Fit new LED underwater light
  • Change old filter media
  • Supply and fit new Persia tile pattern liner

Depth reduction, renovation and safety cover fitted – Chobham , Surrey

Depth reduction, retiling of pool and  safety cover fitted

 This project involved –
  • Draining the pool, pressure washing and then acid washing the pool interior
  • Reducing the depth of the pool from 2.50m to 1.75m
  • Rendering the new pool floor
  • Making good the entry steps and repairing damaged parts of the pool shell
  • Tiling the whole of the interior of the pool
  • Making good the brick surround
  • Replacing all the old pool pipework
  • Installing new skimmer, return inlets, main drains automatic top up, and LED underwater light
  • Fitting new filtration and heating
  • Installing new electrical circuit
  • Connecting new water, gas and electrical service to new plant room
  • Fitting new safety cover within oak box and surface mounted operating tracks
Safran project-RefurbOnsiteLining

50 year old pool refurbishment with on site lining – Ascot



10m x 4m constant depth 1.2m 50 year-old pool concrete pool which had broken it’s back.


  • Drained pool and made good old shell
  • Removed tiles from Roman end entry steps
  • Cut grove with disc cutter into top of pool wall to accept PVC coated profile
  • Installed underlay to pool walls and floor
  • Installed an in situ liner using Alkorplan material
  • .5mm thick reinforced with a polyester mesh having a life expectancy of between 15 and 20 years
  • This type of lining enables pools to be run at temperatures of up to 33 degrees C
  • Material is delivered in roll width of 1.5 metres nd is then cut on site to meet the profile of the pool
  • Anti slip treads were installed in the walk in steps
  • The material is overlapped by 50mm and welded using a hot air gun.
  • All welds are scribe tested and then sealed with liquid PVC mastic
  • Generally this material is used for the renovation of old commercial and school pools but because of the poor condition of the old shell and the fact that the pool was operated at a high temperature it was ideally suited to this project

Remodelled pool – Staines , Middlesex


  • 9m x 4m refurbished pool
  • Re-modelled from L-shaped pool
  • Depth reduced
  • Pool completely re-tiled
  • Polycarbonate slat cover fitted. Cover is built into pit below the pool floor
  • Counter-current swimming device fitted
Lemon project-NewBuildConcreteTiledAutoCover

New concrete pool construction – Winkfield, Berkshire

 New sprayed concrete tiled pool and automatic cover.

  • New pool construction – 10m x 4m pool, 1.2m constant depth in Winkfield.
  • Sprayed concrete construction for pool shell
  • Black tiles throughout
  • Paved surround oversales the pool interior so no coping
  • Auto cover in grey , roller chamber lid in oak timber stained black
  • Heated by air to water heat pump
  • Quandrant corner entry steps into pool
Jez project-BagLinerManualSafetyCover

40 year old liner pool refurbished with on site lining – South London

 40 year old liner pool refurbished and manual safety cover fitted  

  • 32′ x 16′ steel  panel liner pool  deep end depth reduced from 8′  to 5′ 6″
  • Pool floor re screeded
  • Underlay laiid to new pool floor
  • On site lining system using blue tile pattern throughout
  • Manual safety cover using top mounted tracks installed



Hewitt project-RenovationTilingAutoCover-Landscaping

Repair and renovation of old concrete pool – Chobham , Surrey

Pool Renovation, Tiling, Automatic Cover and Landscaping.


13m x 6m, 1m – 3m deep end concrete pool.  Pool was drained and pool shell lifted by 60mm above patio level as a result of the very high water table
  • Pool drained
  • Top of wall removed to restore level, removed material put into deep end of pool
  • Premixed concrete poured into the deep end to reduce pool depth to 2 metres
  • New top of wall formed
  • New drains, skimmers and return fittings installed with new pipework
  • Quadrant corner step built
  • Pool floor rendered
  • Pool retiled throughout using a blend pattern with contrasting tile band
  • New automatic safety cover fitted
  • New paved surround laid


Fisher project-LinerPoolBlockConstructAutoCover

New liner pool construction with automatic cover – Sunningdale, Berkshire

New liner pool with pit for auto safety cover roller

  • 9m x 4m, depth 1m-1.75m
  • 225mm Portland stone coping
  • New liner pool construction using hollow concrete blocks with steel reinforcement
  • Corner entry steps with liner shaped to conform to steps
  • Air to water heat pump
  • Safety cover using stainless steel trays for cover pit lid and paving slabs set into the trays to match the rest of the patio
  • Indian sandstone paving
  • LED colour changing  by remote controller